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Hurts so good!

Posted by seekaterun on September 18, 2008

J and I have gone to the track at SRJC for the last two evenings.  It’s been tough, but satisfying.

On Tuesday evening, we walked over from J’s house.  It only took about 7 minutes (maybe 10) and felt like a good warm-up.  We got to the track, did a little stretching, and took off!  The plan was to jog without stopping (or walking) for 20 minutes.  After the first lap, I bargained and said, let’s get to a mile and then I can stop.  Well, I got to a mile and was able to keep going the full 20 minutes.  In all, we jogged 1.5 miles. Doesn’t seem like much, but considering that I probably have never jogged that far in my life, I am proud of myself.  It just gives me more inspiration to keep going.

I woke up with only a little stiffness, and no pain, so that makes me happy. Today we jogged the same distance on the track.  J took off ahead of me and was about 1/4 of a lap ahead of me the whole time, but that’s fine.  He used to run, whereas I am a novice.  I am definitely a little sore in the quads tonight.  I stretched after the run, but I should probably do a little more before bed. 

Tomorrow will be more of a rest day.  I want to get to the gym and do a little weight training.  I think its really important to not neglect the strength training while I take off on this running adventure.  I don’t running will get rid of the jiggle in my arms, y’know?  I have never had much upper-body strength, so I might as well take care of that. 

I am pretty excited about what I have taken on.  I realize that I am only half-way through the first week of my personal challenge, but I feel like I am off to a good start.  Having J as a motivator/partner definitely makes a big difference.  He is so supportive, especially because this helps get him moving too.  We are gonna be one fit couple!  Watch out!


2 Responses to “Hurts so good!”

  1. Audra said

    I am so proud of you – you are doing great! You are an insperation!!

  2. seekaterun said

    Thanks for all the words of encouragement!

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