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New shoes are more fun than a barrel of monkeys

Posted by seekaterun on September 16, 2008

Sorry for the delay, I got a wee bit lazy with the writing thing.  On Saturday morning I went shopping with J.  First we hit up Mac’s for a calorie laden breakfast, which probably wasn’t the best idea in the world, but sometimes you need some grease, you know?  Anyway, we went over to Fleet Feet on 3rd Street in Rail Road Square.  This store is dedicated to running and walking, so its not like going to Sportsmart or Big 5.  You can check out their website:  The helpful salesgirl fitted me with a spiffy new pair of Nikes.  I tried on 4 different pairs of shoes before we settled on the Nikes.  I tried on a pair of Saucony’s and 2 pair of Asics, but the Nike’s were the winners.  Turns out I need mid-level support, because my foot tends to roll inward.  Who knew?  That’s definitely the benefit of getting fiited professionally.  The salesgirl checked out both my walking and running gate to determine what would work best.  I gotta say, those new Nikes are super comfy.  I can tell that the support is firm in the arch, and the padding is super thick.

My new shoes!

My new shoes!

See how they glow!

See how they glow!

 So, now I am sure you are all wondering, “Kate, did you go for a run?”

Why, yes I did!  I stopped at Target and bought a new pair of moisture-wicking capri legging/yoga pants.  Actually, these pants are probably too light-weight to call “yoga.”  So anyway, I bought the pants, went home and changed into my new gear.  I grabbed my iPod and set off down the street.  I walked for about 4 minutes to warm up and then launched into the run.  Which lasted about 4 or 5 minutes before I started walking again.  I was out for about 30 minutes (32 to be exact) and I estimate that I ran for about 40% of the time.  Which isn’t great, but it is a definite start.  I have to say, that even though I was very sweaty, and my muscles were shaking uncontrollably while I stretched, I felt really great afterwards!  I had plans to go out with some friends that evening, and I didn’t start getting tired until about 11:30/midnight.  And honestly, staying up past midnight on Saturday’s is starting to lose its appeal anyway.

The aftermath:  The only aches and pains that I felt on Sunday morning were stiff quads.  J assures me that I need to stretch more.  My feet felt great, which I think is a direct result of my new shoes.  So, mission accomplished for the shoes.  Tomorrow, J and I are going to run the track at SRJC.  Should be interesting, especially since I have never worked out with a significant other before.


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